Our Work

Ramsbury Stonemasons, based in Ramsbury near Marlborough in the heart of rural Wiltshire, was established in 1981 by Samuel MacArthur who has has been practising his art for thirty 5 years. Samuel is a Master Stonemason and a Conservator. Along with this skill and expertise Samuel and his colleagues are some of the most approachable and amenable craftsmen offering their skill in a way that brings a client’s hopes and aspirations to fulfilment in the most beautiful of pieces. He and his colleagues use traditional techniques and work in the best materials including Bathstone, Yorkstone, slate, Sarsen and granite. All work is individual to the client starting with a “back of an envelope” and finishing with precision and beauty that such pieces command.

We use:

  • Bathstone
  • Cornish Granite (Light grey)
  • Derbyshire
  • Granite
  • Hopton
  • Portland stone
  • Purbeck stone
  • Sarsen
  • Slate (Light Grey, Blue/Black, Green)
  • Yorkstone

We take the art of stone engraving and carving to new levels. We travel the country for the most interesting stone we can find and expertly engrave art and emotion deep into each handpicked stone. Let us engrave your expressions of humor, passion, love, and beauty into one-of-a-kind stones.